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A low-impact although challenging aerobic aerobic workout that employs a stationary bike with variable tension levels. Regardless of your fitness level and whether you just love cycling or you want to take part in a race this is the workout you've been looking for.

Improve your Cardiovascular health, bulid endurance, burn calories, achieve toned, shapely legs, get a great abdominal workout, lower your body's workout breaking point, build your mental strength and enjoy an adjustable-effective-low impact workout as you ride together with your friends.

As you will get more experienced and be able to work harder, your lung capacity will be increased and you will learn to work on controlled breathing. This will reduce your anxiety levels and helps you lower your heart rate. It is a fact that even at challenging levels no other cardio equipment couldn't burn 'till 500 calories in such short time. Another great benefit is that only three classes a week will make a difference in the shapely appearance of your legs, while you enjoy the energy of your frineds when you begin to fatigue and start thinking to quit. As the Instructor reminds you of the optimal technique and posture both your central and side abdominal muscles get a workout with the known "rhytm release'' technique.

And because ''training the body is as important as learning the mind'' push harder, climb the hill, ride through the pain...

apply the self-discipline and confidence you gain from your training to all areas of your life...

adopt the "I can do" positive attitude, while you feel the natural endorphin kick you've earned when you reached your breaking point.

Start your day with a Spinning® Class increase your overall wellbeing and train your body to work more efficiently.