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Hardcore® - Army Works®


 It is time to challenge yourself . . . be commited and motivated and give your best . . . 

Hardcore®exercise differently than you used to, exercise hard and be strong enough both physically and mentally to operate in tough situations. Stress every single muschle of your body and boost you aerobic  state.

And if you think that you are not tough enough this is the right training programm for you, with the right amount of focus and motivation you will be taught how to get tough.

As soon as you touch your limits and go beyong them it is time for . . . 


 Army Works®: the most challenging fitness class you can attent.

Endurance. Strength. Agility. Power.

Maintain a constant level of alertness & be ready to endure any physical exertion. Cater for all strength requirements through a unique approach, handle your own body weight and be just perfect through specific training, being able to still operate effectively when required.

The only thing you have to do is to "Go over the top''.