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How much is enough?



You should eat healthy . . . but you already know that . . . everybody do say so . . .

but . . .

do you know how to ''enumerate'' healthy?

The greens (vegetables and fruits): eat at least one green and one orange vegetable each day. Try not to ad any fat, sugar of salt on them and prefere vegetables and fruits over juice.

The grains: at least half of them should be whole grain per day and go for products low in fat, sugar or salt.

The whites (milk and alternatives): have 2 cups (500ml)  milk each day, go for non-GMO soy beverages if you dislike milk.

The reds (meat and alternatives): try lean meat and alternative such as beans, lentils and tofu with the less possible added fat or salt. Drink at least 1 1/2 Lt of water per day and enjoy a variety of food from all four food groups.


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